I think it’s a universal truth that many of us are far more travelled in other countries than our home country. For example, I’ve seen far more of Europe than I have of my own stunningly beautiful and exceptionally photogenic home of Australia (if I don't say so myself). 

And now that I live in London, I spend a lot of my free time travelling around Europe taking photos, but I don’t do the same in London, even though it’s one of the world’s top tourist destinations and many people flock here to take photos with its icons. Weird, isn’t it?

I can’t answer why we humans do the strange things we do, but what I can say is that I did slightly rectify this issue recently, by heading out in my adopted hometown of London on a photo tour with a company called Pick a Pictour. 

If you enjoy walking tours where you learn about a city and also love having fab photos to share on social media of your holidays, I’d definitely recommend getting in touch with Pick a Pictour. They create perfectly curated two-hour tours to show you London (and Barcelona) and take amazing pics along the way (believe me, they know what will get the likes and comments flowing on Insta). The husbands, boyfriends and partners we've all been guilty of putting to work as our personal photographers to get the perfect travel pic, can finally sit one out.

Here are a few of my favourite photo spots in London from the tour and a bit more info below if you'd like to know more about this ahhmazing company.


What you need to know

The two-hour London tour costs £80 per person (varying prices are available for Barcelona). While I was lucky enough to do the tour for free to help promote the company’s London launch on Instagram, after experiencing it and seeing the end results, I would pay for it in an instant. In fact, I will definitely be a paying customer the next time I head to Barcelona. If you ask me, you just can’t replicate the skills of a professional photographer and it's worth the money for a special treat while on holiday.

The tours vary and go to different places in London including the iconic places you see above in my photos but also other photogenic spots you may not know about like Covent Garden, so chat to the team to find out what itinerary suits you. Contact them at Pick a Pictour